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Happy readers!

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Loved the story, great book for kids, lovely flowing and rhyming vibe, evokes emotion, so beautifully written and relatable for kids making friends. As the owner of over 1000 children's books in my house for my kids I definitely feel this is a winner 

Bella B




Step into the world of School Days! School life is an adventure for Kade.

He is trying to get to know Tom, but Tom is not so sure.

Follow Kade as he bounces through each day, discovering new ideas to make a friend.

Will the two become best friends? Or will Tom ignore Kade’s efforts?

School Days Kade & Tom is the first book in the School Day children's book series!

It follows Kade & Tom through their first week of school. Kade is seeing and feeling the experience with optimism and excitement, however Tom is experiencing, the same week, in a very different way.

The book centers on friendship, optimism, empathy and the willingness to overcome fear, to try new experiences.

We hope you enjoy the Letter Hunt!

See if you can answer the questions at the end of the book!


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